I’m in favour of green open space area for all to enjoy

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I have to say that I am in total agreement with the views expressed by Ron Clayton (The Star, Friday November 28), about the future of the old Market complex in Sheffield.

Can we please have someone in authority make a statement concerning the future of this area. I know there have been calls from certain people to relocate the market from The Moor back to its original area in Castlegate. I believe from both a financial and practical stance that this notion is a non-starter. So what do we do with the market site? Surely, we can’t leave it as it is. It’s an utter eyesore.

There appear to be (currently) three differing options. The first, which I have already touched upon, is to retain the building in its present form, as Ron states, for “sustainable development” along with a viewing platform.

Forgive me, but as a Sheffielder I cannot see the advantages of such a scheme for the city as a whole.

Who, outside of those loyal but deluded citizens who crave a return for the Market to its old building, would be in favour of this proposal? If there are academics in this city that do favour this option isn’t it about time that they spoke up and explained their reasons?

Secondly, the proposal to perhaps turn the area into yet another faceless office block or apartment block doesn’t get my vote either. We have too many such buildings in the city centre already and not all of them full at this time. What I think the city centre is missing is an area of cultural interest, of green space for community purposes and which might retain some interest by visitors to this fine city of ours.

In my view this leaves only the initial proposal and third option to fully excavate Sheffield Castle, open it to the public along with a green open space area for everyone to enjoy, including visitors.


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