I’m head over heels in love but allergic to marriage

Lisa Davies and her parther Riki Bond
Lisa Davies and her parther Riki Bond
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SMITTEN Lisa Davies has had to put off getting engaged to her sweetheart - because she is ‘allergic to marriage’.

The 22-year-old, from Conisbrough, is head over heels in love with boyfriend Riki Bond but cannot get engaged because she is allergic to gold engagement and wedding rings.

The Sheffield Hallam University student fears if she does eventually get to walk down the aisle with Riki, she will have to do it without any make-up or perfume because of her allergy to those, too.

Lisa and Riki say they will not get engaged until they can afford a platinum ring - because they believe it the only metal that will not cause Lisa to suffer severe hand eczema. She expects it to cost more than £1,400.

Her eczema is caused by allergies to substances such as parabens, which are found in fragrance, latex and nickel and is found in gold rings.

Lisa said: “We’ve discussed it, and we want to get married. But the problem is I’m allergic to gold rings. I had one once, and when I took it off it looked as though it had burned my hand.

“It is the same with jewellery - I would love to get married in a nice necklace or tiara, but I can’t do that because most things like that contain some nickel. So any wedding would have to be very plain.

“I would have liked to have been able to get engaged sooner. We’ve been together for two years and marriage has been discussed.

“It had not occurred to me I was allergic to marriage until someone suggested it. But I won’t let it stop me getting married eventually. I’ll get married without a ring if necessary.”