I’ll just keep out of everyone’s way

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Standing waiting to get off the train at Meadowhall last week, we were advised by the conductor to use the other exit because he was putting the wheelchair ramps down in order to assist a wheelchair user to disembark.

As we walked along to the other exit, the voice of a seated passenger who was staying on the train could be heard loud and clear angrily proclaiming: “They could see there was a wheelchair!”

She sounded extremely put out about having gone first to one exit, and then to the other. It was like we’d just about ruined her whole day by doing this.

In fact I’m feeling so brought down about how my thoughtlessness resulted in another person experiencing such misery, I don’t think I’ll bother going out any more.

I’ll just sit here and keep out of everyone’s way.

J Scott

Barnsley, S71