I’ll fight to save our NHS

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I’d like to thank everyone at Rotherham General Hospital, in particular on Ward B5 and SAU, for excellent care and support during my recent operation and two week stay.

Their dedication was second to none ranging from the porters, nursing staff to doctors and surgeons in the MDT team.

They were rushed off their feet but their care shone through to all patients while keeping everyone’s spirits up with their good humour.

Nothing was too much trouble and typified why we must all work to defend our NH that is freely available to all regardless of age, class, background or postcode lottery.

The Government should pull back from their reckless and corrosive health plans that will only undermine the strength of our NHS and allow opportunist privateers to get more of a foothold.

Their botched health care proposals are causing chaos and insecurity to those working within our NHS. That will cause irreparable damage to the patient care, probable huge job losses, cancelled operations and longer waiting lists.

As Unison rightly said, the public does not trust the Government with the NHS; its ‘Frankenstein bill’ will see the end of the service as we know it. I fully support Unison, Unite and the Royal Colleges of Nursing, midwives, GPs and other professional bodies who are united against the NHS Bill.

It’s time to stop putting our NHS, staff and the public at risk and drop this madcap plan.

I will continue my fight alongside the public and the trade union and Labour movement to help to safeguard our NHS and the jobs of all those working in this fine service.

Ged Dempsey, Printworker