I lit the blue touchpaper and departed

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Re: Letters speculating about the location of Robin Hood’s grave.

Recently, in Nottingham, I tutored 20 overseas visitors studying the UK elections.

Immediately after my session, they were to meet the current Sheriff of Nottingham in Nottingham City Hall.

I told the visitors that, despite all the claims to the contrary, Robin Hood had nothing to do with Nottingham and that all the stories are actually based on the real figure of Robin of Loxley, from Sheffield.

Further, I emphasised that the Sheriff and other Nottingham representatives would be delighted to learn that they knew this part of the history.

I had lit the blue touch-paper.

I swiftly departed for the railway station and the train home.

Fortunately for me, the current Sheriff has a fine sense of humour and she has promised not to lock me up on my next visit.

Howard A Knight

Lyons Street, Sheffield, S4