I liken Terry Palmer to Winston Smith

Winston SmithWinston Smith
Winston Smith
Terry Palmer has once again been subjected to some very personal attacks in the Star's letters page.

I liken Mr Palmer to George Orwell’s fictional character, Winston Smith. The difference is that instead of the cage full of rats that are used to bring Winston back to the servile role he plays in that dystopian society, today’s thought police, and their minions, prefer to verbally abuse and demonise anyone who dares to genuinely, speak up for ordinary people.

Even the so-called comedians on television try to humiliate any politician who dares to stray away from their powerful employer’s self-serving view of the world. It’s ironic that those who preach tolerance are the very ones who will not tolerate diversity of thought. Recently I heard a Labour politician saying, indignantly, that many people now feel emboldened to express opinions that they would have been afraid to voice just one year ago, as if that is a bad thing.

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Are the electorate so stupid they should be to be talked down to, and taught how and what to think?

Unlike Winston Smith, Mr Palmer has never backtracked on his opinions. He continues to defend free speech and applauds democracy both in this country and abroad while his detractors have been joined in their fight by Tony Blair and Lord Mandelson. To quote one of Terry’s attackers, ‘that says it all’.

Remember the immediate financial destruction we were promised after Brexit.

We were also told that the Calais migrant camp would move to Kent and that the possibility of a trade deal with America would be almost non-existent, and many other tales of impending doom. Is it too much to ask that in future, we may have fearless and open discussions so that we may make all our decisions based on real facts and not fake news and fearmongering?

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More and more people are beginning to see through the increasingly abusive rhetoric and, hopefully, the time is coming when the reign of fear will be seen for what it is and we can all move forward together. Until then, those who disagree with Mr Palmer or any other letters page contributor, may find it more productive to refrain from writing their lazy, negative and insulting letters and, like Terry Palmer, describe logically and in detail, why they believe their own views are better.



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