I hope we vote to leave the EU

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Neil Schofield states that there is freedom of movement in the EU for all EU nationals. CORRECT. He also states that this is something that is a reciprocal right to us all. CORRECT. But what happens if the recent influx of refugees to Germany and other EU countries cannot be repatriated to their country of birth, which let’s face it is a likely scenario considering the unrest in Syria.

If these people are given citizenship to their adopted nation, something we have no control over, they will also be able to take advantage of the Freedom of Movement in the EU. Obviously I know that this works both ways and the many migrants that have been given UK citizenship also have this right, with no control from other EU countries.

Secondly, Neill states that Mr Palmer’s comment that “the EU makes 75 per cent of our laws is wrong. It is actually 13.2 per cent”. I personally don’t know. But I would have thought that 13 per cent is still too much. If you ask me, 1 per cent is pushing it. And Neil fails to realise that the 13 per cent will become 14 then 15. Before we know it it will be 25 and so on. When our country voted to join a common market, I very much doubt that the then voters realised that decades later, we were going to be dictated too by a bunch of people that we didn’t vote in and don’t really know much about.

And not just laws that affect trade, which is what the common market was all about. Switching our train network so the speed limit is in kilometres like the rest of Europe instead of the miles that we are used to. I admit that this is currently only on one line, but despite the confusion and danger it may cause, it will spread to all lines. What has that got to do with trade. NOTHING.

Also what has the sugar content in our breakfast conserves got to do with trade. I very much doubt that one of our huge exports to the EU is Hartley’s Jam.

The answer is that none of these and many other things is to do with free trade, it is to do with power and the fact that if we ever say no to yet another of the EU’s pathetic laws, we are told you must agree. And if we want to change anything, all other members have to agree. We are even told by the USA and China that we need to stay in the EU.

One person from the US even stated that ‘they will not trade with any single nation’ and then shot himself in the foot by stating that ‘outside the EU the UK will have to pay higher costs to trade like Canada and China do. Hang on a minute, I thought that the US didn’t trade with single nations. I would like to ask the US what they would feel like if they were part of a bloc of countries spanning all of North America and South America, where many of its laws are made from another country, and where people from across the continent can just cross borders when they want. The USA has a fence across it’s border with Mexico so that certainly wouldn’t do in a Freedom of Movement Agreement.

I just hope to god we vote to leave the EU. If not, we will continue to live in a country where our PM is a mere puppet with a certain German Chancellor pulling the strings. Doesn’t that sound familiar? And before the PC brigade accuse me of offence against those who suffered in WWII, whilst I cannot compare the sickening brutality and loss of life in WWII to our current situation, a German-dominated superstate obtained through political force is just as inevitable, and just as dangerous.

Matthew Hobson

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