I hope benefit was a misprint

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I READ this with interest in Action Desk (Aug 26) about a couple losing their benefits temporarily as they have married. From what I have read, she gets £158 a week tax credits, £165 a fortnight jobseekers and £78 a month for a daughter who has some sort of attention disorder. They are unable to work due to depression.

I hope this is a misprint as this works out at £1,040 a month (I assume she gets child benefit on top of this).

They say they have to borrow from relatives and have had to apply for crises loans three times before and are unable to keep up with the payments on the washer and dryer. Please tell me this is a joke: the average working person doesn’t earn that much a month for a 37.5 hour week. God knows what the people at the benefit centre think when they have to authorise these payments.

As I said, I hope this is a misprint.

Judy Allen