I have no trust in any of the political parties any more

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So the powers-that-be think I should give up an episode of Coronation Street to listen to a bunch of third rate politicians hurl abuse at each other and decide at the end of it who to vote for based on who I think has lied the least. I don’t think so.

Politics now is like the National Lottery. Instead of buying a ticket I join a political party and for £1 a week hope to win an £80,000-a- year job with 10 per cent pay rise pending, a gold-plated pension and all the expenses I can get away with.

The odds of winning are good as 99 per cent of the population cannot enter as they don’t belong to a political party.

I don’t want these candidates cocooned in a TV studio but knocking on doors to see the contempt they are held in.

Before I listen to their manifesto I want them to answer two questions.

Do they think it was just that a Sheffield nurse who served in Iraq saving the lives of forces personnel but fiddled her expenses was court-martialled and thrown out of the service while politicians who sent those servicemen and women without proper equipment fiddled their expenses and were allowed to pay it back with no further action?

Secondly, how do they justify this country’s 60 million population needing 650 MPs , 760 members of the House of Lords plus MEPs while the USA, with a population of 319 million only needs 540 congressmen and senators.

It is not only the number of politicians it’s the quality.

Was our newest candidate Mr Harpham selected because of his brilliant track record on the city council ? I don’t think so.

He is ideal “lobby fodder” who will vote as the leadership tells him and by parroting their inane slogans he will win this year’s lottery.

Why should I listen to any of the party’s messages any more when I have no trust in the messengers?

P Robb