I handed in my Nectar card

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Sainsburys are sponsoring the upcoming paralympics. Shame they can’t sponsor their Archer Road branch where they insist on a £20 deposit to use store wheelchairs.

I recently took an infirm friend and was so astonished at the charge that I decided to shop elsewhere.

I gave them my Nectar card and told them they could use the balance for their own purposes, as they clearly are in big financial trouble!

I complained about discrimination against the disabled, but the response reflected a lack of understanding on providing equal access to all.

They say it’s because some chairs go missing, I pointed out that people shoplift every day, but they don’t charge all customers £20 deposit before they shop.

Ted Jenkins

Their true political colours?

labour, under Harold Wilson, gave us the Wages Council and the best employment rights we’ve had.

The firefighters went on strike in ’77 and Callaghan had to call in the Army.

By 1984, under Thatcher, employment rights were made much worse. The Wages Council was scrapped and pay as low as £1 an hour came in. No firefighters’ strike.

On May 1, 1997, Blair was elected (Tory Mk2). He introduced the minimum wage and employment rights were changed. Firefighters came out on strike and Army called in again.

Unelected Cameron introduced cutbacks, pay restraint (except for the rich) and firefighters’ jobs are being lost.

Why aren’t they on strike? Or are they showing their true political colours?

S Ellis, Rotherham