'I dread to think what the future holds for Sheffield libraries'

Just when I thought the ongoing saga of volunteer libraries in Sheffield couldn't get any worse, this week I have discovered that it has!
Stannington LibraryStannington Library
Stannington Library

On popping into the library in Stannington recently I was shocked to see for sale a book by one of the most prominent volunteers for the library group.

A library volunteer using the library they work in to promote and sell their own book, surely goes against basic decency and common sense.

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You wouldn’t get library staff doing this, nor would they be able to get away with it if they tried.

Then I saw that the plans for the city’s only Carnegie library at Walkley to be converted to a bar and cafe, appear to be well advanced.

I dread to think what the future holds for Sheffield libraries.

Martin Vaughan

Sheffield, S6

Checks and measures?

In response to Patrick Coghlan’s letter, “The library has put the heart back into Greenhill”, Sheffield Star, August 22.

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I do wish that library volunteers would stop defending the council’s failed policy on volunteer libraries and instead lobby for the council to rethink this failed model and put professional library staff back at the heart of all libraries.

Mr Coghlan states that “as a volunteer library we have recently adopted a strapline ‘More than just books’’’.

Libraries are already more than just books, as any library user or member of library staff will know.

Mr Coghlan defends his library as being a “success” but how is this measured?

What does it mean?

Is it “our doors are open”?

Is it based on footfall/usage or impact/outcome?

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Some can, some can’t and that is a major part of the problem, inconsistency, fragmentation, a postcode lottery of provision instead of an interlinked and comprehensive service.

And if the wrong info is given out who is held accountable? What checks and measures are in place?

Peter Walters

Upperthorpe, Sheffield, S6

Takeover by right wingers

Replying to Brenda Titterton’s comments, firstly I would say that if you were to join a golf club in England you would pay an annual fee to enjoy the facilities there and abide by the rules of the club while you are there.

They do not tell you which supermarket to shop at, which team to support, which clothes to buy etc.etc.

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You have to a degree destroyed your own argument because the EU, just like the golf club doesn’t tell individual members how to govern their own countries, when it comes to taxes, internal laws and many other things.

If they did then you and I would be paying the exact fees that you quote the people in Belgium do on the specific things that you mention.

All 28 members have their own “sovereignty” on the these things. As I stated in my letter “read up” on these things and don’t just listen to media propaganda.

Brussels is the headquarters, shall we say, just like Westminster and that doesn’t stop your local MP from having their say when it come to “our laws”, despite possibly residing in Chesterfield!

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Your friend says Jean Claude Juncker is unpopular and I have no evidence to disagree, but so are May, Corbyn, Johnson, Rees Mogg in different parts of this country. That is how it is, although in the case of Johnson, as I have previously stated, this man was a “remainer” until he saw a possible opportunity to elevate himself to No 10. That doesn’t mean that I personally like the other three that I have mentioned.

You are way off the mark saying that we will be a better place to live in on leaving the EU. The right wingers will completely take over and look after the rich and no-one else.

B Heaton

Doncaster, DN5

Hospital staff were brilliant

A few words of thanks to all the nurses and staff in Chesterman 3 ward of the NGH who looked after my wife, Nora Arnold, after she had suffered an accident at home, resulting in her breaking four ribs and a punctured lung.

Also, a mention of the assistance given to us at the Brearley discharge lounge.

Thanks to you all, you were brilliant.

JD Arnold

Sheffield, S7

No letting agent to help

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A report by Shelter and the National Housing Federation found that one in ten agents in England refused to let to those on housing benefit.

My experience was much worse. In trying to find accommodation near my sister in South Normanton, near Alfreton, none of the agents offered me anything.

Some insisted on a guarantor, which I didn’t have.

At least one letting agent openly states on its website “No housing benefit.”

I wished to move in order to find a quieter place to live in order to recuperate.

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I had no pets, no criminal record, and was very keen to get well so that I could find employment.

Around ten agents either offered me nothing or refused to consider me.

I am stuck in a very noisy area and slowly dying from an eating disorder and dependency on alcohol just to make it through the day.

A quieter place to live for a while would, I think, give me a chance.

But no one is there to help.

John C Fowler

Leverton Gardens, S11

Taking my breath away

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It makes you wonder how folk who live on Norton Avenue and Ridgeway Road, a dual carriage way in Sheffield, put up with traffic at all hours?

It’s ceaseless. Trams every few minutes, cars, buses, lorries, you name it they get it.

Opening a window ain’t an option, it’s enough to take your breath away.

EB Warris

Sheffield, S14

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