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I have to agree with “Andy”, (The Star, August 21), regarding not voting Labour if Jeremy Corbyn wins the Labour leadership contest. I have been a Labour voter for 50 years and for the first time in my life I didn’t vote for them at the last election, because I think they have lost the plot completely.

The main theme of the run-up to the election was immigration, and how many seats it might cost Labour, and yet right up to the death they wouldn’t admit that previous mass migration was a mistake and neither would they commit to cutting back on immigration in the future.

They made a few mumbled and unconvincing commitments to look at the situation after they had won the election. Clearly no one believed them because they lost a lot of votes to the other parties, with some people voting for Conservative austerity rather than Labour. The Labour leadership debates were unbelievable.

With immigration still a big problem and the chaos in Calais escalating, I watched three of the four candidates waffle about cutting down on immigration, while at the same time looking decidedly uncomfortable. I didn’t believe a word of it.

The only candidate who spoke openly about immigration was Corbyn, and unbelievably in the face of an election defeat where immigration was the hot topic, he said he welcomed immigration and would be happy to let large numbers into the UK.

I wouldn’t trust any of the four candidates on immigration because it seems to be ingrained in the minds that mass immigration is OK. You can see it in their faces when they are asked about it, the way they say a lot and actually say nothing.

There wouldn’t be a problem in Calais had Labour won the election, because all those in Calais would now be in the UK with Keith Vaz standing in Dover to welcome them.

Labour learned nothing with their election defeat and I won’t vote for them again unless there is a big shift in their position on this subject. This also applies to local elections in “The City of Sanctuary”, because they have the same mindset.

S Collins

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