I don’t trust any of parties

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It is some time since I have put pen to paper, but, having just read the three articles in Your Say, February 17, I have to agree with them all the way.

Incidentally I can go further back than Martin Hall and one of the things my dad used to say was “the working class have poor memories”, and this from a staunch Labour supporter.

But unlike him I don’t support any of the parties. I believe in ‘time for a change’, but unfortunately the question is who?

I personally don’t trust any of the parties, I also believe there must be thousands of seniors like myself who are sick to the back teeth of listening to political parties scoring points off one another, instead of getting on with running the country ( as if they are capable anyhow)?

It is all very well the Brussels lot and their ‘open door’ policies, but, against all that, how is this small island of ours able to sustain the situation? We as everyone knows are already at saturation point and cannot continue with the influx any more.

What is needed is somebody to step forward and clear this country of foreign criminal gangs, illegal immigrants that have gone to ground and update our ancient laws then increase our police forces and security forces for starters.

Being as we are not full members of the EU why do we kow-tow to Brussels etc. when we read of corruption and complete failure to complete an audit over the years?

Stan Bradbury

High Green