'I did it, I bit his ear off' - Sheffield woman jailed for attacking partner with her TEETH after birthday binge of booze and crack

A 34-year-old Sheffield woman who bit her partner's ear off and threatened police with a knife, following a birthday binge of booze and crack cocaine, has been jailed.

Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 4:00 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:09 am
Cheryl Casson, 34, who bit her partner's ear off and threatened police with a knife, following a birthday binge of booze and crack cocaine, has been jailed.

Sheffield Crown Court heard how on Cheryl Casson's 34th birthday on December 29 last year, police were called to her property in Spofforth Road, Darnall to reports of a disturbance.

Prosecutor Beverley Tate told the court that when police officers arrived at her property, they found her 60-year-old partner standing outside holding a 'piece of his ear she [Casson] had bitten off'.

Ms Tate said: "She said to officers: 'I f****** did it, I bit his ear off'."

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The court was told that prior to police arriving on the scene Casson had taken a cocktail of alcohol and crack cocaine, and an altercation had broken out between her and her partner.

Her partner, who refused to make a police statement against her, was taken out to an ambulance waiting outside the property that Casson began banging on as he received treatment.

PC Leech was standing nearby, and was heard by Casson saying 'I've got my ear piece in' to his brother officer, the court heard.

Ms Tate said: "The defendant grabbed the ear piece out of the officer's ear and said 'you haven't now, you pig'.

"It was then that PC Leech tried to arrest her. She went inside the property and came out with a knife and started waving it backwards and forwards towards officers."

Casson was then arrested and taken into custody, and she later admitted to brandishing the knife at officers in police interview.

Defending Casson, Rebecca Tanner said the 34-year-old was battling addictions to drink and drugs at the time of the offence.

She said: "The defendant has been using alcohol and crack cocaine as a way of distracting herself from abusive past relationships and losing her children.

"She entered a guilty plea at the first opportunity."

Casson admitted to an offence of wounding and to possession of a bladed weapon at an earlier hearing.

Sentencing Casson to 18 months in prison consecutively for both offences, Recorder Anthony Kelbrick told Casson he regarded her case to be a serious one.

He said: "You fell out with your partner and injured him by biting off his ear. He declined to make a formal complaint about what you did. You did admit what you did straight away but then you produced a knife that you got from the kitchen, threatening officers, who were no doubt, in fear for their lives."