I’d like to see the plan of Fargate proposals

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I would like to see an impression on how the proposal to weatherproof Fargate would look.

To block out the upper storeys of the Victorian buildings would be ludicrous, no more the Beasts of Fargate, no more the Making of The World on the old YMCA by the Tory family, no more Heraldic devices on the old Temperance Hotel.

Covering up these grand old buildings so they cannot be seen is an idiot’s proposal, then to suggest a sightseeing bus when the things to see may be covered up beggars belief.

The proposal is too little to late, the council should have acted when Meadowhall appeared on the horizon.

They smugly sat in the Town Hall slavering at the mouth on the fact that Sheffield had the largest shopping centre in the country while shoppers kicked the city centre into touch for “Meadowhell” and its delights.

I’m rather amused by the statement “opening toilets to the public”.

We had them but they were closed, what an advert for Sheffield, strangers coming to the city being forced to urinate in the street because they don’t know how to find the toilets that are available.

I love Sheffield but it’s turned into a giant housing complex for students and others, seems the council sits back and lets the University build where and whenever they want, destroying our historic buildings in the process.

I’m always wary on council proposals to improve the city.

Look how they’ve closed their eyes to the pavements that cost thousands of pounds to lay and unknown contractors have dug up cobbles, block paving and paving slabs, cobbles and block paving to be replaced with asphalt and paving slabs in Fargate relaid in such a way to cause danger to the public.

Vin Malone

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