I cannot afford this parking fine

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MAY I, through your letters page, express my disgust at the Sheffield City Council parking regulation team? I am a carer in the community looking after elderly and vulnerable people.

Last month I received a parking ticket whilst parked in a space near Bramall Lane. The space was big enough for one car, there were no yellow lines in that space. I got a visitors permit from my clients and put it on the dashboard.

After two hours I found the ticket on my windowscreen. I appealed by letter explaining the situation and the company I work for has also taken on this case.

My clients who I care for both have various health problems and are extremely upset that this has happened. I received a letter yesterday to say my appeal has failed and the fine stands (£70 by the way) which is a whole week’s pay for me. As it is a first offence (if it was an offence) I thought the council would let it go this time, as it is the season of goodwill, to show they have a heart.

I am not a young reckless driver, I am a pensioner myself (68 years old) and I cannot afford this fine.

I wonder if any of their staff have elderly relatives who receive care at home. We care, love our job sometimes under trying circumstances and most of all have compassionate, caring hearts, unlike Sheffield City Council.

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