I can't work this out

A RECENT article said the Sheffield council leader wants to recruit three new managers on salaries of £80K a year.

Before he does this, he ought to pay the good people who have trained longer and harder than him for many years and put in good hard and long service for Sheffield council over the years.

The shambles he's inflicted on the council work farce (farce because that's what it is!) has achieved nothing.

The council sold an airport worth 20 million for 1! Is this worthy of a true leader? No. Go back to where you came from. We're better off without him. He doesn't care a hoot about the workers.

My husband has worked for the council 30 years. Three years ago he was up to his knees in mud and water helping with the floods, working 60 hours a week to get things running for Street Force, only to be kicked in the teeth this year by having a 3,000 pay reduction.

My husband's pay is now 19,000 a year, the same as a shelf stacker at Asda, who get treated a lot better than council workers. I assure you this is true, as my daughter has worked for them for over 10 years now, and loves it.

My husband has been a heavy goods driver for over 35 years.

The changes are also going to affect his pension in eight years' time and we have had to sell our home we have lived in for 25 years, as it's a struggle to keep going.

What upsets him most is he's told to do other duties, ie drive Transits or vans on his new rate. But not everyone can drive his HGV. Where's the fairness in that? And he is called in to do gritting emergencies at short notice.

He told me that electricians in the lighting department are also affected and labourers are on better rates than them and earn more than them which, he says, causes friction and resentment. I could understand a tradesman earning more, but not labourers. How strange this world's becoming when you go out and get a trade that takes three to four years to achieve only to find out you'd be better off digging holes and earn more by picking litter or driving a small van. Who's better off? No wonder you can't get youngsters to train to be a tradesman if this is happening. It needs sorting.

Then Coun Paul Scriven wants to pay pen pushers 80,000 a year.

Why are some people paid 80,000 a year and tradesmen 20,000? Let the readers decide. I can't work this one out.

Mrs R Flanigan, Mosborough, a very angry wife

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