I can’t seem to shake old habits – and breast feeding my kids was a great habit...

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For the past few years I seem to have been in a time warp in terms of my clothing.

It is not that I haven’t bought any new things – I have, many times, as I am sure my husband will agree. And it’s not that I am not trying to keep up with fashion. I would like to think I can still keep up with trends.

The real reason is because my shape keeps on changing. Pregnancy after pregnancy for the past seven years has seen me expanding and deflating like a balloon.

As a result I have umpteen new clothes designed entirely to accommodate the bump. Along with this I have various flat shoes. Heels are never a good idea when pregnant, as I discovered twice to my cost.

The first time was when I did a Naomi Campbell impression as I teetered to the car park in five-inch heels while seven months pregnant with my eldest daughter. It was one of those classic moments when you know you are going to fall and it all seems to happen in slow motion but somehow you can’t seem to stop yourself.

The second time was as I was coming back from celebrating my other half’s 40th birthday. This time I was four months pregnant with my son. I was the designated taxi driver as the other members of the party were clearly more able than me to have a few drinks. But you would have thought it was me who had been knocking it back as I went flying.

Now I have made a decision not to have any more children I am keen to try and get my wardrobe looking more like that of a woman who does more than just drag herself round park after park clambering after her various offspring.

But as I was trying on clothes I realised I was still wearing nursing bras. This is despite the fact I stopped breast feeding my youngest daughter last year.

They are comfortable, they are good colours and, more to the point, they are the first thing I seem to reach for as I blearily get dressed.

However, I have discovered getting rid of these last remnants of all things babyhood is quite a wrench for me. The maternity clothes were packed away in the loft without a backwards glance but the nursing bras still seem to be hanging around.

I think this is because I loved feeding all my children. It made me feel so close to them and I would say to any new mum if you can do it really try to as there really is nothing like it.

The health benefits far outweigh anything else and no-one else but you can do it.

It is free and it is on tap 24/7. What could be simpler?

This week is Breast Feeding Awareness week and Sheffield City Council has teamed up with NHS Sheffield with the aim of making Sheffield a breast feeding friendly city by next year. For information visit: www.sheffieldc4l.org.uk/about/breastfeeding/