I agree with the poppy-burner

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So, Peter Flynn (March 151) seems to demand ‘tolerance’ from protesters against Britain’s disgusting wars in the Middle East while apparently suggesting his own favoured brand of tolerance (burning the Koran) be made lawful.

Face the facts: Emdadur Choudary didn’t pitifully whinge about not being ‘allowed’ to protest; he followed his convictions and paid the price by being prosecuted.

Mr Flynn’s argument is a racist one. I happen to totally agree with Mr Choudhary’s sentiments. But the slurs that he is ‘un-British’ couldn’t be made against me as I am a white Englishman.

As for the irrelevant argument about Mr Choudary’s benefits, why not instead consider the drain on the welfare benefits budget by the 22 millionaires in the cabinet? They have a total of 47 children which equates to roughly £3,300 per month in child benefit which no doubt helps with all those private school fees.

Richard Simkins