I agree with Terry again

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I don’t know what the world is coming to because on two recent occasions I have been in full agreement with letters from Terry Palmer.

The most recent letter was about the Queen giving a Nazi salute when she was six years old.

The reporting of this issue in quite a few tabloid papers and on TV appears almost vexatious with a desire to deride the Queen by cheap opportunist reporting.

Perhaps these people should be taught how to go out and get a real story and not just rely on lazy reporting of a minor incident that very few people were actually bothered about.

As you say Terry, we all at some time gave a funny Nazi salute during the war years and mocked the goose step.

When we played soldiers some of us were chosen by the bigger kids to be the Germans and we always had to die.

There appears to be very little humour around these days and because of this every little issue that can be twisted into something that it’s not is used to try and stir up trouble.

Keep on writing, Terry and I will probably disagree with a lot but that’s what opinions are about.

Jan Pederson