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I write to apologise to the Hallamshire Historical Society for my erroneous assumption about the water tower at the Hallamshire Hospital, and also for my barb about busybodies.

I have long admired the work of this society. I am afraid that my ongoing frustration at the obstacles to new housing put forward by so many local ‘nimbys’ to so many applications for new housing got the better of me.

I also agree with Howard Greaves that the way the Northern General has let these buildings be abandoned sites for so long is disgraceful, but the news item did not mention that it was proposed to turn them into car parks.

There are however one or two points I would take issue with. If the sites were not intended as car parks I cannot see safeguarding old stables as a good conservation project and any potential developer of these for housing would be put off by the extra expenditure involved by their grade II listing.

Secondly it does seem to me that to dismiss the hospital trust’s struggles over funding is a denial of the constant headlines in the national press about the huge deficits being built up by these trusts. Who is to fund the alleged £350,000 annual needs of these sites? Hospital Trusts’ funds come from the tax-payer.

Finally, if a splendid similar water tower by the same architect is already listed elsewhere. Why do we need to keep another redundant example? Such structures do not maintain themselves and while it is good to retain good examples from the past we cannot continually live in the past.

Brian Cranwell

West View Close, S17