I accept Godfey’s challenge: Mark Jones

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My reply to Godfrey Bloom’s challenge; Tuesday, March 11, 2014... I accept

So Godfrey wants to come clean on his earnings. I can guarantee that Godfrey Bloom is on much more than minimum wage which he does not think that British workers are worth.

So Bloom, I’m happy to go public if you are. But, let us not keep secrets with the electorate. Let us publish everything that we can. Certainly, I do not have records of tax paid from the age of 16, but I’m happy to meet up with you and the editor with my P60s and work through our earnings and then publish here in The Star. What’s more, if you are honest about wanting to give £500 to charity then let’s go for it. I suggest Catherdral Archer Project, a charity that I walked 100km for.

I’m happy to pay an equal share of my income to charity as you will. Whilst we are at it, why not discuss some of your outrageous view-points and publish that discussion!

Mark Jones