Hydro-electric plan for Sheffield river revealed

Wisewood Weir on the River Loxley
Wisewood Weir on the River Loxley
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A hydro-electric power generator could be built on one of Sheffield’s rivers.

Wisewood Hydro Ltd has applied to install the generator at Wisewood Weir, along the River Loxley between Malin Bridge and Loxley.

An 'Archimedes screw' turbine will be used

An 'Archimedes screw' turbine will be used

According to the plans it would take the form of an ‘Archimedes screw’ turbine, which would turn with the flow of the water downstream.

Wisewood Hydro believes the turbine could generate up to d 50,000 kWh per year, equivalent to the electrical consumption of 12 average households .

This, the firms says, would save aabout 45 tonnes of CO2 per year from UK coal-fired power stations.

The application says the weir is in ‘excellent condition’ with a 2m pool at the bottom, partly caused by a buildup of rubble downstream. The plan is to maintain the depth of the pool.

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