Husky Phil looking for a warm welcoming family

Phil the Husky with animal care assisant Helen Smith.
Phil the Husky with animal care assisant Helen Smith.
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He’s a handsome husky hound.

That’s Phil, a stunning looking dog who is ready to start life in a new home.

Aged one year and five months, his gorgeous blue eyes, surrounded by his grey and white fur, make him stand out from the crowd.

RSPCA Sheffield Branch animal care manager Tony Benham said: “Phil was very underweight when he arrived in late summer. Our immediate priority was to support him back to the correct weight for his breed.”

RSPCA vets quickly discovered he had a bad intestinal infection and he was put on a diet and treatment.

Phil’s now back to full health and is yearning for a new owner with experience of large dogs or huskies.

Tony said: “This fluffy fellow is now one of the staff’s favourites. He loves his walks, running in our compound and enjoying the company of people he has got to know.

“At first, he can be a bit stand-offish with strangers but once he has got to know them, especially if they bring a treat or two with them, he happily bonds.

“If his potential new family includes children, those over the age of 13 would be best, as he can be strongwilled and bouncy and ideally we’d like someone who has lots of experience with large dogs.

“Also, like any dog or animal, Phil isn’t perfect and there are some parts of his body that he prefers not to be handled such as his back end.

“But he is beautiful, bright, eager to learn and he responds very well to consistent training.

“We don’t have his full history with other animals but we have noticed that he loves other dogs and we feel he could possibly benefit from living with another steady dog who will be a good influence on him.

“Phil will need at least two lots of 45-minute walks a day and he’d certainly enjoy any additional activities or sports that would keep his mind busy and active.”

The RSPCA Sheffield Branch on Stadium Way, Attercliffe, is open every day except Wednesday from 12.30pm until 3.30pm.

The centre is also looking for foster homes.

n Anyone interested in adopting or fostering can call the centre on 0114 2898050.