Husband found wife lying dead on Hillsborough pitch with jacket over her face

Christine Jones, one of the victims of the Hillsborough disaster. Picture courtesy of the Liverpool Echo.
Christine Jones, one of the victims of the Hillsborough disaster. Picture courtesy of the Liverpool Echo.
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A widower has described finding his wife’s lifeless body on the pitch at Hillsborough.

Radiographer Christine Jones, 27, was one of the 96 Liverpool supporters who died in the 1989 disaster at the FA Cup semi-final.

Giving evidence to the new inquests, her husband Stephen said the pair had been in Pen Three on the Leppings Lane terraces and had become separated during a ‘terrific surge’ from the crowd just after kick-off.

He said he climbed a fence to try and get on the pitch and out of the crush and his leg was impaled on a spike as a police officer attempted to help him get over.

Mr Jones said: “I scoured the terracing for her, and I couldn’t see her.

“At the foot of the Leppings Lane terrace, there were bodies perhaps two or three deep there.

“Whether she was amongst them or not I couldn’t say.”

He added: “What’s always sort of bothered me is the fact that I was fairly well trained in CPR and yet I bypassed these people who were obviously in need of help who were, as I say, lying two or three deep at the bottom of the terrace, and I did nothing about it.

“I was simply obsessed with having a look for Christine.”

He said he eventually found Christine lying on the pitch, with her jacket covering her face and ‘knew she was dead’.

Asked why he thought she had died, Mr Jones told the inquests: “I think it was simply the melodramatic jacket over the face.

“Also I felt an instinct, if you like, a sort of foreboding, that she was dead.

“I hadn’t had time to clinically examine her or check for vital signs, but it was a gut reaction.”

The court also heard evidence about the death of 21-year-old Peter McDonnell.

Footage was shown of him being taken off the terraces at 3.28pm.

He was carried across the pitch around five minutes later to the stadium gym, where he was pronounced dead.


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