Hunt on as escaped 'golden eagle' swoops on motorist in Doncaster

A search has been launched to find the owner of a ‘golden eagle’ that apparently swooped on a motorist in Doncaster.

Friday, 16th October 2020, 3:52 pm

A ‘very large bird of prey’ was spotted near to the B&Q superstore at Black Bank in Doncaster earlier this week, with speculation that the creature may be a golden eagle.

Posting on Facebook, Mark Drabble wrote: “Has anyone lost a very large bird of prey, what looked like a golden eagle - one has just swooped in front of my car.”

Shared on a page called Lost and Found Pets in Doncaster, Mr Drabble said the bird was trailing jesses – thin straps, traditionally made from leather, used to tether a hawk or falcon in falconry.

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Is there a golden eagle on the loose in Doncaster? (Photo: Pixabay).

The jesses allow a falconer to keep control of a bird while it is on the glove or in training, and allow a bird to be secured on a perch outside its aviary.

The sighting is near to Doncaster Potteric Carr Nature Reserve, which is a haven for thousands of wild birds.

Golden eagles are among the most widely distributed species of eagle and are dark brown, with lighter golden-brown plumage on their napes.

They are known for their huge talons which are used to catch prey such as hares, rabbits and squirrels and often build large nests in cliffs and other high places.

For centuries, the species has been one of the most highly regarded birds used in falconry. Due to its hunting prowess, the golden eagle is regarded with great mystic reverence in some ancient, tribal cultures.