Hundreds of trees planted

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A tree-mendous operation is set to take place on Sheffield’s streets in the coming months.

As part of Sheffield Council’s Streets Ahead scheme, more than 750 trees are to be planted along streets all over the city, replacing those removed earlier in the year because they were unhealthy, dangerous or causing damage to pavements and roads.

Planting will take place between mid-October and March 2014 across a number of areas including Greystones and Gleadless.

The replacement trees will be of a variety of species, approximately eight years old and three to four metres high.

Jeremy Willis, arboricultural operations manager at Sheffield Council contractor Amey, said: “As part of the Streets Ahead project we carried out a health check on all the street trees across the city.

“This identified the trees that were either dying, diseased or reaching the end of their life.

“These trees have been removed and will be replaced with healthy new trees.

“We plant new trees during the winter months as this is when the trees are dormant, they aren’t growing during this time which gives them the best chance of survival.”

Coun Jack Scott, Sheffield Council’s cabinet member for environment, recycling and Street Scene, said: “At the beginning of the year we replanted 250 street trees. It’s great to see that we are now replanting a further 750 healthy new trees across the city.

“We are aware that trees can be a very sensitive issue for many people across the city and we are working hard with our contractor to ensure that the public are aware of why we have to remove a tree and what we are doing to better maintain the trees that we have.

“By planting street trees, this will ensure that Sheffield has a healthy street tree stock for the future.”