Hundreds of lost lives on roads every year

Tomorrow is Road Peace Remembrance Day.

Monday, 20th November 2017, 6:23 am
Updated Monday, 11th December 2017, 10:35 pm
Road Peace

People around the country will be remembering and reflecting on the loss of life on the roads.

Deaths happen every day in every part of the country and add up to hundreds of lost lives every year.

It’s often the loudest voices which get heard and the quiet ones – the injured, bereaved, deprived, traumatised – those left behind after death on the roads – who don’t get heard.

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We know we can’t do enough to prevent all road deaths.

But what we can do is think – reflect on what our society needs to do to prevent as many tragedies as possible.

We debate and argue about lower speed limits, driving under the influence, engines left running adding to air pollution.

We don’t talk much these days about The Rule of the Road – remember that?

‘Accidents’ are rarely if ever ‘accidents’. There’s nearly always a cause, and many of these could avoided if we thought a bit more about our behaviour as drivers, cyclists, pedestrians.

We shall be thinking, and remembering those we have lost, at Upper Chapel in Norfolk Street tomorrow at 11am.

This is an opportunity to reflect, to light a candle, to remember.

Don’t forget – and take care.Judy Hague