Hundreds expected at Sheffield ‘bedroom tax’ protest rally

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News: Bringing you news 24-hours a day.
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A further protest against the ‘bedroom tax’ housing benefit cut was due to take place in Sheffield today, and was set to attract hundreds of people.

Members of the Sheffield Benefit Justice Campaign, trade unionists and the Green Party are supporting the event.

Protesters were due to gather in Barker’s Pool, outside the City Hall, at 11am for a rally and speeches.

A previous protest held earlier this month in Sheffield against the ‘tax’ - a cut in housing benefit for people living in social rented housing with spare bedrooms - attracted hundreds of people.

Opponents of the change say it is unworkable because there are not enough smaller homes available for people to move to if they cannot afford extra rent.

The Government argues it should not be ‘subsidising’ people to live in accommodation which is too big for their needs.