Hundreds attend Sheffield rally in support of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Around 300 people attended a Sheffield Momentum rally yesterday in support of Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, following several calls for his resignation.

The rally, which organisers say was also held in support of ‘democracy within the Labour Party,’ attracted Corbyn supporters from a number of different trade unions and political parties including members of Momentum, the Labour Party and the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

Annette Taberner from Sheffield Momentum’s steering committee said: “We are seeing a new influx of people joining the Party to defend the elected leader in the event of a challenge.
“In the wake of one of the biggest decisions in a generation and with the Conservative Party in chaos, Labour Party members are angry that elected representatives have prioritised attacks on the leadership and have walked away from their posts. 
“Corbyn’s election last year and the shift in policies associated with it were welcomed by many who felt the Party had failed to represent the interests of the people the Party was established to represent.
“There are proper procedures for leadership challenges which are not being used by people who are perfectly aware of them.
“There is a real determination that the democratic decision of the membership must be upheld and the change in policy direction maintained.”
TUSC member, Alistair Tice, said of the event: “TUSC fully supports Jeremy Corbyn in his fight against the Blairite coup-plotters in the Labour Party.

“This battle is about whether the Labour Party becomes an anti-austerity socialist party or returns to Tory-lite New Labour.

“TUSC will support the Corbynistas but continue to oppose Labour MPs and councillors that continue to carry out Tory cuts in jobs and services, these are the same people who are stabbing Jeremy in the back.”
MPs passed a motion of no confidence in Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn last month, with 172 out of 212 of the party’s elected representatives calling for the Islington North MP to step down.

This followed several resignations from the shadow cabinet.
The Labour Party’s internal crisis follows last month’s referendum on the European Union, when 52 per cent of voters opted to leave.
Mr Corbyn fronted the their Remain campaign, and the calls for his resignation come after sizeable ‘out’ votes in Labour strongholds such as South Yorkshire and Sunderland.
He is expected to receive his first formal leadership challenge from Wallesey MP, Angela Eagle, tomorrow.