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RC, as anyone who knows him will testify, is the last person to hurt anyone or belittle their feelings.

Being a naive type he always looks for/expects the best in folk and if he feels that he’s transgressed then he will make amends after the usual soul searching.

In recent times his fuse has grown short however, and so it was with EB Warris and Jayne Grayson.

My comment re ‘flatulent’ was a little below the belt(!) and the Star can attest that an amended version was forwarded.

We can’t expect the eloquence of the Times letters page in the Star but sometimes contributions can be wearing, there isn’t a correspondent that I don’t respect, one in particular being Paul Kenny, but he really ought to be careful when selecting those wild mushrooms for his breakfast. He apparently sees me as a reincarnation of the Lord Chamberlain with a censorious blue pencil.

The only scenario involving me and the said pencil will be on Atkinson’s Blue Pencil Event when said Clayton is offered up at a knockdown price.

As for Paul talking about censorship after his carping at a certain ex-letter writer, that’s rich, actually it’s downright hypocrisy.

However, there are real issues about censorship and ones which involve more important issues than verbal fisticuffs between correspondents, the recent editorial policies of this newspaper for one.

I’ll try and raise them in my column next week.

Your Finite Monkey in S6.

Ron Clayton

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