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Zoe Piggott, HR Advisor at Doncaster CVS
Zoe Piggott, HR Advisor at Doncaster CVS
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Human resources can, let’s face it, be a bit of a minefield. With legislation, policy and procedures changing on an almost daily basis, it’s a full-time job just to keep ahead let alone manage the process of recruitment, employment contracts, disciplinary situations and training.

This is where Doncaster CVS can help. With 70 years activity in the Third Sector and South Yorkshire HR services, they understand the specific HR needs of community groups, voluntary organisations and social enterprises as well as commercial businesses.

Zoë Piggott, HR Advisor at Doncaster CVS, has over 20 years experience in HR and is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. She has worked with a broad range of groups and individuals from all sectors since joining the organisation in July 2009.

Explains Zoë: “South Yorkshire HR Services initially funded through the Big Lottery, provides information, advice, support and training on all employment issues to Third sector and commercial organisations across the region.

“At Doncaster CVS, we’re already working with organisations and groups in this sector so we’re aware of all the problems and challenges they face when it comes to HR. The Third sector in Doncaster employs thousands of people and continues to offer excellent opportunities for sustainable growth and development of services.

“Growing an organisation by employing additional paid members of staff can be an important factor on the road to success but it can also be both time consuming and confusing from a legal perspective."

“Every employer has a legal responsibility to each employee. That means making sure they’re up to date with relevant changes in legislation and incorporating any changes into organisational policies, procedures and working practices to make the most of their valuable assets; their employees.

“With our dedicated HR Support and Advisory Service, we do just that. We offer a friendly, reliable, professional service, providing solutions to HR issues at an affordable price and enabling organisations and businesses to focus on what they do best.

“From recruitment and employment contracts, to maternity leave and flexible working, our support, help and advice is vital to small and medium sized organisations that need that specialist support and ‘hand holding in times of crisis’. We also run a wide variety of staff training and development programmes at our town centre offices.

“When it comes to employment matters, there’s no point in worrying or getting stressed about something when we’re just a phone call or a visit away and we can offer a solution to any HR problem and work with the organisation to a positive outcome.”

Zoë Piggott can be contacted on Tel: 01302 347199 or email: zpiggott@doncastercvs.org.uk.

For more information on Doncaster CVS visit www.doncastercvs.org.uk