Hull air raids not a novelty

The Star letter, December 27, 2017, '˜Memories of the Blitz,' with Ray Martin and his Sheffield neighbours congregating on the street gazing up at the sky, brought back war time memories of the BBC announcing 'Here is the news.

German raiders have attacked a north east town” – and so it was that the bombing of the City and County of Kingston upon Hull was hidden from the eyes of the world until the opening of top-secret World War Two documents.

Hull was the most heavily bombed UK city outside of London.

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It suffered so badly because it was a vital east coast port, easy to find, and German aircraft flew over it to other targets such as Sheffield, Liverpool and Manchester.

It suffered bombing throughout 1940-45 which killed and injured thousands of the civilian population.

The whole of the riverside quay was devastated by fire and the docks and industrial targets extensively damaged.

150000 people were made homeless and 86715 homes were destroyed/damaged – only 5945 being unscathed.

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The Government of the day did not refer to Hull by name because they did not wish the Germans to know the amount of damage which they were causing, and also to maintain morale at home.

As a child living in the dockland area of Hull during the war I can remember that all the streets had concrete air raid shelters running along their length.

When the sirens went we all hurried into them. Those who did not, took shelter behind the believed ‘safety’ of furniture in their houses!

We definitely did not gather outside to ‘gaze up at the sky.’

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As a Hull expatriate now living in Sheffield, I have read in the Star Retro columns about Sheffield’s war damage and your casualties.

Many towns and cities suffered deplorable industrial and civilian damage during the war and many lives were sadly lost.

This letter is not about war time loss ‘bragging rights’ but a respectful reminder to Ray Martin and his neighbours that in the BBC reported ‘north east town’ we did not congregate on the streets to gaze at the sky when the sirens sounded the alarm – air raids were a serious concern to us – not a novelty to gaze upon.

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

Will they be up to the job?

What I find baffling is when these all-electric cars take to the road, eventually they will need recharging from the mains, so will the national grid be up to the job?

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The rest of us will be pulling on it as well, so an overload could put out all the lights.

What then when you can’t boil your electric kettle for a nice cup of Earl Grey?

It doesn’t bear thinking about.

EB Warris

by email

Look up word ‘pointless’

The England Cricket team ought to look up the word “pointless” in the Dictionary especially Alistair Cooke.

They are playing against a team that won the Ashes back, they did their job so why do they need to do anything other than play out the games?



An utter disgrace

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I hate the New Year’s honours list, when Nick Clegg can become a Sir yet someone like Kenny Daglish, the man who campaigned for the Hillsborough victims, who attended many, many funerals of those killed and still works to help the families, gets nowt in the Queen’s Honours.

No, Cleggy gets one, a man who is as popular as raging toothache.

An utter disgrace I say.

Jayne Grayson

by email


Sir Nick!

This country of ours just keeps on getting worse.

Why you may well ask?

That well known liar, quisling, ex-Lib-Dem leader and big-time EU loser, once representing the good people of Hallam, has been awarded a knighthood in the New Year’s honours list.

Arise Sir Nick!

Oh dear.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74

Replacement trees

I read a statement from Darren Butt that the council couldn’t afford to replace trees.

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Well Mr Butt why in all its wisdom did a Labour council close the Norton nursery?

Trees from saplings to sturdy trees were ripped up and burned and this may have happened at other council- owned nurseries around the city.

It seems this council could top the best-sellers list with “Excuses R Us”.

The above photo shows a smallholding down the Dale just off the Ringinglow Road.

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The trees that are growing there were rescued from Norton Nursery when all the other plants and trees were getting burned.

I knew the brother of the chap who owned this property down the Dale and he told me not a penny piece was given for these trees.

Vin Malone

by email

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