Hub has already identified a number of new Musical Stars

Nazar Khapsalis
Nazar Khapsalis
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The Musical Stars programme is going from strength to strength and is creating an exciting energy within the Music Hub - and the city.

Four new Musical Stars have already been accepted onto the scheme since the launch of the campaign in Sheffield Telegraph last month.

And the Hub’s Music Leaders are scouring the city for more potential new students.

Among those who have already benefitted from the scheme - which seeks to support children in the city with a passion for music - is Nazar Khapsalis, who was first handed a violin by the hub back in 2008, when he was aged just nine. The former Hinde House Primary pupil, who is now 18, was one of 30 children in his class that spent the year learning to play the violin.

“Something clicked for him and it was clear he was hooked, he had a natural connection with the instrument and it was to prove to be a pivotal moment in his life,” said Ian Naylor, head of Music Education Sheffield.

“We knew we had to support Nazar with this new found passion. A few extra lessons here and there and some personal guidance meant that Nazar was ready to audition for a place at the Sheffield Music Academy. He was successful in his audition and the rest, shall we say, is history. “Our musical stars programme aims to enable more children like Nazar to find their way in the magical world of music.”

Nazar’s place at the academy was fully funded by a bursary from the Department for Education, Sheffield Music Academy is one of fifteen DfE funded Centres for Advanced Training in the UK for Music. It is a place where the most talented and dedicated young musicians from across the region attend on a Saturday to devote their time to music.

Martin Cropper, director of Sheffield Music Academy, said: “Nazar is a great example of many of the students at the academy who demonstrate outstanding commitment to music, like many of his peers the dedication he shows on a Saturday is remarkable. Effectively our students commit to a sixth day of school in a week and that day is totally dedicated to music. We are exceptionally proud of Nazar, who is not only a committed and talented musician but a key member of our musical community.”

Martin has been personally responsible for Nazar’s progress, as his violin teacher from his first day at the Academy.

Nazar said: “I feel very fortunate to have been Martin’s student for the past seven years, due to the sheer skills he possesses. His unique talent for teaching has developed my abilities not only as a violinist but also as a performer. Were it not for the academy, I would not have been able to get the high-quality classes I get today. This institute has trained me to be my very best.”

Nazar has led the National Orchestra for All, is the leader of the Music Hub Senior Orchestra and is a member of the award winning City of Sheffield Youth Orchestra.

Nazar will complete his A-levels at All Saints Catholic High this summer before taking a gap year to prepare himself for auditions to attend a specialist conservatoire of music as an undergraduate.

Visit for more details and to donate to the Musical Stars scheme.