How you can tell if urban explorers have been inside Sheffield's Old Town Hall

Sheffield's Old Town Hall
Sheffield's Old Town Hall
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Sheffield's crumbling Old Town Hall has become a popular haunt for urban explorers.

Their photos and videos from inside the derelict building, usually posted anonymously, show just how much its grandeur has faded over more than a decade of neglect.

The doors and windows at the former council headquarters in Castlegate are boarded up, and parts of the interior have decayed so badly it is unsafe to venture there, but that hasn't stopped intruders breaking in.

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There is an easy way to tell if an uninvited explorer has been inside, as they have an innovative way of leaving a calling card.

"The building's still being targeted by urban explorers. We know they've been in recently because the clock hands have been moved again, which is the tell-tale sign," said Valerie Bayliss, chairwoman of the Friends of the Old Town Hall.

"Where they can go, unfortunately, so can the vandals. There's been even more vandalism inside and outside recently, with an increase in graffiti."

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The friends group told last week how it understands the building's owner G1 London Properties is drawing up plans to convert the Grade II-listed building into flats. G1 has not responded to The Star's enquiries.

But members said they were pressing ahead with their own plans to buy the building and restore it for the community, with potential uses including performance spaces, cafés and restaurants.

The group hopes to raise money towards the purchase by inviting members of the public to buy shares in the building, but it has estimated the total restoration bill will be more than £10 million.