How wrong you are

I do believe the Brexit voters made their point not just in Sheffield but throughout the UK. I also believe Michael Thompson should learn how to accept defeat gracefully and I try to educate him if possible.

Wednesday, 2nd November 2016, 6:28 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 3:50 pm

Almost in my 80s and just gained my BA does not make me an ideal candidate to say those words but the following could.

Working overtime when not allowed, too young, and being told by the shop forman if you hear my whistle get through that back door as fast as your back side will take you and don’t stop.

That set the seam for the rest of my life as I went from job to job and having more than a dozen jobs on route.

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Today 18-year-olds say I’m looking and I wonder what they are looking at, I was working days and nights seven days regular from the age of 21.

Leave one job got another the country was in charge of its own destiny.

First it was the fishing regulations that saw our fishing industry depleted and the rest is history.

Massive pay packets for failed politicians, plum jobs for those with friends, honours dished out for friends and the country had nothing to offer the next generation as Europe took control.

To those who wish to listen to that sallow faced Tory individual in disguise, Tony Blaire, forget it we are going to make jobs for those who believe drugs are the answer to their problems.

The sooner we start to build a stronger Britain with housing and steel, because it is still here in its birthplace, the sooner Michael and the rest will understand how wrong they are.

A thinking grafter

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