How would you feel if you had them in your area?

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I understand Mr J R Hughes letter on August 6, about his concerns about the work being done by the city of sanctuary being trashed because of people’s fears of immigration.

There are genuine cases in which some immigrants need help and I think Sheffield has done it’s fair share of this, but at the end of the day we cannot keep taking these people in. This country is too small to sustain these never-ending queues of immigrants wanting to get into this country.

There should be safe havens produced else where in their own countries so they don’t want to keep making their way over here.

Eventually in the not too distant future there will be civil war in this country when all the different nationalities get bigger and will start clashing with each other, if I could ever afford it I would leave this country as it is going down hill fast.

Also, I wonder if Mr Hughes, who lives in a nice suburb of Worrall which probably isn’t affected by immigrants just yet, how he would feel if a few immigrants moved onto his street and kept him awake all night as they stand around in groups making a noise and leaving litter all over the place. How would you feel then?


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