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THE 10-Day Acitvie Challenge encouraging children to walk to school should not be seen as a one-off opportunity.

Children were mobilised to persuade their parents to ditch the car and walk to school last October.

More than 3,600 children at 20 schools took part in the scheme. And yesterday Greenhill Primary School reaped the rewards of encouraging the highest percentage of children to get involved by taking delivery of their prize.

We wonder how many of the 3,600 children are still engaged in an active challenge four months later.

It was a great initiative and struck a chord with schools and families.

But if the aim is to be a success those same schools need support to sustain that interest. And the greatest support needs to come from the parents.

Giving a chance to competition

WHILE we seek to support our local businesses, it is hard to side with the owners of two establishments on Ecclesall Road who say they fear for their livelihoods.

The owners of Uncle Sam’s Chuck Wagon and Sandwich Division claim this prime shopping district is becoming increasingly overrun with eateries.

So they want Sheffield Council to put a cap on competition after an application to transform an empty shop into a cafe.

The latest rival brings the proportion of restaurants and cafés in the area to over 53 per cent – a dominance which existing businesses have argued against.

But we would argue against a cap on competition. Established businesses should be able to deal with rivals – they were new concerns once and were given a chance. That courtesy should be extended to others.

Ecclesall Road is such a magnet for people we doubt whether one café will threaten livelihoods. The simple fact is that if people want another café on Ecclesall Road, it will prosper and good luck to it.

Hope after disgust

AFTER such a sickening story, a ray of hope.

The dreadful ordeal of a terrier dog who was tortured and burned in Skye Edge, Sheffield, moved you to act.

Readers have pledged more than £1,000 as a reward for information leading to an arest in the case.

It is reassuring to see such a response. We are renowned for our love of animals and your generosity shows the mindless act of a brute will not be tolerated.