How to drive in the snow and ice - simple tips for driving around Sheffield in the dangerous weather

Sheffield in the snowSheffield in the snow
Sheffield in the snow
While Sheffield escaped the worst of the snow this weekend, many roads this morning are extremely hazardous.

Warnings of black ice on the roads have been issued and, as temperatures plummet even further today, these are some tips for driving in the tough conditions.

Preparing for the snow

Make sure you plan your journey by checking the latest weather forecast. Set off earlier than you would normally do so and make sure the snow is cleared from your car.

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Have a de-icer with you and make sure you demist your windscreen before setting off.

Never use hot water to de-ice your windscreen as this can weaken the glass and cause it to break.

The Highway Code stipulates you must be able to see out of every glass panel in your vehicle.

Clear any snow off the roof of the vehicle before you drive away, otherwise you may cause snow to fall on your windscreen hampering your vision

Driving in the snow and ice

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If you are driving in the snow, accelerate gently using low revs - you may also want to take off in second gear to avoid skidding.

Try and then change up to a higher gear as quickly as possible.

It is recommended to keep around ten times the normal gap between you and the car in front and try not to brake suddenly.

When approaching a bend, brake before you start turning and keep the wheels turned in the direction you want to go in if you do skid.

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Be extra cautious at road junctions where road markings may not be visible. Make sure to keep your fog lights on if visibility drops below 100m.

Do not overtake unless it is safe to do so - there may be uncleared snow on the road ahead.

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