How The Star will take a brand new look at Hillsborough tragedy

A scene of chaos at Hillsborough, 1989.
A scene of chaos at Hillsborough, 1989.
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For 25 years Sheffield has had to endure the haunting memories - and the stigma - associated with the Hillsborough disaster.

Our city has grieved for the families who lost 96 loved ones at a football match.

And The Star continues to support the judicial search for a resolution to some of the questions that still remain unanswered.

But on its quarter of a century anniversary on April 15, we are planning coverage that will be different to anything we, or anybody else, has undertaken before.

We are going to reveal the largely untold story of those compassionate South Yorkshire people who did everything they could to save lives, comfort the dying and support those injured or bereaved.

We talk to people who administered the kiss-of-life to injured fans. Others who simply offered a cup of tea, a telephone line, or a shoulder to cry on.

We do not ignore the fact that some senior members of the establishment made critical mistakes back in 1989. But the role of those people is currently being determined elsewhere.

Instead, we are going to talk to the Heroes and Heroines of Hillsborough. Most of these men and women have one thing in common - they do not regard themselves as heroic or brave.

They simply rolled their sleeves up and showed what ordinary Sheffield people are all about.

The only judgement our coverage will make will be of these people - who were the heart and soul of our community then and remain so today.

Our publication will analyse a proud city that has never forgotten those horrendous scenes and the aftermath - but has learned to move on with dignity.

Do not miss our Star coverage on April 15.

n Were you - or do you know of - anybody who helped in some way on that fateful day in 1989? We’d love to hear your story. If you want to contribute to our Email: or telephone 0114 2521319.