How the Leadmill saved a Sheffield student's 21st birthday with this classy gesture

We've all had birthdays we would rather forget but how often have they been saved by a nightclub?

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 14 February, 2018, 09:57
The Leadmill

Well, that was exactly what happened for one Sheffield Hallam student on Saturday night.

According to the Tab, the student was meant to be heading to the Leadmill for her 21st birthday before getting into an argument with a boy.

They decided to ditch the night out and, politely, her friend messaged the legendary venue to inform them why they would not be attending the event.

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In a classy gesture, the Leadmill decided to that they would try and cheer the girls up by sending some pizza over to them.

And, the nightclub were true to their word as the girls sent them back a picture of them enjoying a delicious Domino's.

The Leadmill told The Tab Sheffield: "We couldn't let an argument ruin her night, especially her 21st! It was the least we could do."