How to spot a '˜Trotskyist'

I just wonder if there is any truth in the allegations made by Tom Watson, the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, that '˜Trotskyists' are '˜infiltrating' the mechanism of the party.

If he has hard evidence that these so-called thugs don’t have the Labour agenda at heart then why on earth does he not have the bottle to name and shame them and then have them expelled from the party?

Or is it the case that Mr Watson would rather tittle-tattle with the right-wing press, in this case, The Guardian?

Let’s be honest, these people and the rest are waiting with glee to talk and publish anything that will undermine Labour and in particular a certain person standing in the leadership contest.

Instead of talking to the media, Mr Watson, why don’t you tell party members how to spot a ‘Trotskyist’?

Do these people have beards, short or long hair, wear wigs, tight clothing or sandals by any chance?

For goodness sake, Labour, stop making fools of yourselves and just get on with the job of bringing this present Prime Minister and her government to account.

Whoever wins this latest leadership contest, will Labour please then unite, get fully behind the leader and put to bed the past 12 months?

What the electorate want to see is clear water between Labour and the Tories.

If that can happen they may well be in a position to then form a government.

John Yale

High Green