How Sheffield Wednesday fans 'greeted' Vinnie Jones after spotting him on a night out

Vinnie JonesVinnie Jones
Vinnie Jones
Most Blades players aren't particularly popular with Sheffield Wednesday fans and, back in the day, Vinnie Jones was no exception.

The former Wimbledon and Leeds United Midfielder joined Sheffield United in 1990 and made 35 appearances for the Blades before heading to Chelsea.

However, during his time at Bramall Lane, the footballer turned actor recalled how a night out in Sheffield went slightly awry when he was spotted by a group of Owls fans.

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Jones told TalkSport that he and Billy Whitehurst had arranged a night out in Sheffield to coincide with Wednesday playing away at Nottingham Forest.

However, when the match was called off, Jones was greeted with the sight of around 18 Sheffield Wednesday fans jumping up and down on his car.

He told the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast: "I was at Sheffield United and we had five or six points by Christmas.

"You couldn't go out because one side you had Sheffield Wednesday supporters and on the other side of the town you had United supporters and they would dig you out so it was tough to go anywhere.

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"Basset came and we did our Christmas party early. Billy Whitehurst said we were having a night out because we hadn't been anywhere.

"We went out one night because Wednesday were playing Forest away. We're having a few beers with all the boys and all of a sudden we see these Wednesday supporters coming back.

"The game had been called off. A fella came over to me and said 'Is that your car over there Vinnie?'

"I was sponsored by Vauxhall and it said Vinnie's Vauxhall on it. It had about 18 Sheffield Wednesday supporters jumping up and down on it.

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"I went yeah that'll be alright out there no problem. One of the guys came in and went 'what do you think of that?'

"Billy went 'I think that was very rude,' and just a flash went and Billie had knocked this big guy out. And that was the end of it. We ended up getting in the car and putting it in the menders the next day."