How Sheffield Steelers are keeping the EU flag flying!

Christoffer Bjorklund.Christoffer Bjorklund.
Christoffer Bjorklund.
The nation may have voted to come out of Europe - but Sheffield Steelers are bucking the trend.

The club will start off next season with a record number of Swedes - and it’s not impossible that number could increase.

Asst coach Jerry Andersson will be joined by countrymen Christoffer Bjorklund and Markus Nilsson in the new-look dressing room. Steelers have one more player to sign, a centreman. And he could be another Euro import, says club official Dave Simms.

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“He could be a Swede, a Finn, a Pole, a Canadian - we are studying markets all over the world” he said. “But Paul Thompson’s contacts and expertise in Sweden has certainly been valuable to us in terms of signings, and could be more so, going forward.”

The unknown new signing could find himself walking straight into the champions’ first line.

It wouldn’t be a major shock if he was placed in the middle of talented duo Colton Fretter and Mathieu Roy.

If that was the case, then you could perhaps expect Steelers starting the season with a second formation of Levi Nelson, John Armstrong, Robert Dowd, a third of Jesse Schultz Tyler Mosienko and Guillaume Desbiens and a fourth unit of Luke Ferrara, Nilsson and Jonathan Phillips.

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Interstingly, 6ft 3ins Canadian Armstrong is seen as an all-round asset - so he could be used on any of the formats.

All of these units currently amount to speculation ofcourse - all will be revealed when Sheffield play Aalborg seven weeks today.