How Sheffield shoppers can turn their rugs into Game of Thrones cloaks when IKEA opens

Game of Thrones staff at IKEA
Game of Thrones staff at IKEA
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Every Game of Thrones fan dreams of being in the Night's Watch and it seems Sheffield shoppers will soon have that chance.

Or at least they can look like they are once the huge new IKEA superstore opens next month.

The Swedish furniture store has now released official instructions on how to turn their rugs into the uniforms famously worn by Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly.

The instructions come after it was revealed that the SKOLD rugs sold at IKEA are the same ones used as the costumes on the hit HBO show.

IKEA are selling the Sheepskin SKOLD rugs for £40 at their stores, meaning shoppers will only have to wait until Thursday, September 28 to get their hands on one.

Bosses at IKEA have said the sales of the rugs were set to soar after a Game of Thrones costumer revealed they are worn by the cast.

In a bid to encourage people to join the Night's Watch, IKEA have now released simple instructions of how to turn their rugs into Game of Thrones style capes.

The instructions only have three, very basic, steps which include cutting a hole in the middle of the rug, putting it over your head and then magically turning into Jon Snow.

IKEA have also released pictures of their employees modelling the different styles available and how they can be changed into the famous costume.

Last week, the Star exclusively revealed that the huge new superstore would be opening in September near Meadowhall.