How is this to be justified?

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ON a trip to the cinema at Centertainment on a Saturday night I was amazed to find the car parks crammed full. This appeared to be due to an event at the Arena.

After almost half-an-hour I decided to park in Meadowhall Retail Park as this was almost empty and within walking distance.

Unfortunately this led to a 50.00 parking fine for exceeding a three hour limit.

The fine came from a company in the South of England and was quite blunt in its content with photographic evidence of my arrival and exit.

They mention 'clearly visible' signs (anything but clear in the dark) and they don't give much scope for appeal.

How can this be justified when all the shops were shut and the car park empty. Has anyone else had a similar experience because after reading several notes posted on the internet this company doesn't get a very glowing report?

S.Rhodes, Sheffield 20

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