How do we solve the issue of litter on the streets of Sheffield?

Sheffield Litter Pickers at a previous clean-up event.
Sheffield Litter Pickers at a previous clean-up event.
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There is a straight forward solution to litter - don't drop it.

But the not so simple question is how do you stop people from dropping it in the first place?

One committed group keen to find the answer and help stop litter from plaguing our city is the Sheffield Litter Pickers.

The group, which only launched when a Facebook page was set up in January, now has more than 600 members.

And, after heavy snow led to the cancellation of its biggest clean-up in March, it has now set a new date for a huge day of action in Firth Park.

It will hold a litter pick and clean-up around Firth Park on Saturday, June 23 and wants as many people as possible to get involved.

Iren Wadsworth, of the group, said: "We are hoping it's going to be a big event. The area is one of the city's bad areas and we are hoping to do some work in Page Hall as well as part of the day.

"Hopefully if people in Firth see lots of people going out and tidying up the streets, it make them think differently about dropping litter.

"It's so easy to solve the problem of litter - just don't drop it. There needs to be a massive nationwide campaign to say 'it's not right to drop litter'.

"All the litter picks I go on the question is what can we do to solve it and everyone always says education is top of the list."

The group launched the Facebook group to pull together members from litter picks across the city and Iren said she hoped to see people from across the city on June 23, which is the day before the Firth Park Festival.

Anyone interested in taking part should meet at the Clock Tower, on Firth Park Road, at 1pm.

For more information search Sheffield Litter Pickers on Facebook.