How could a mum do this to her child?

Hate campaign: Vicky Haigh
Hate campaign: Vicky Haigh
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some things, you just don’t mess with.

Like the word paedophilia. And a child’s mind.

This week, The Star reported a Doncaster father had just been cleared of sex abuse against his daughter, now seven.

Categorically, beyond all doubt, he was innocent, said the judge. The claims had all been made up by the mother.

Vicky Haigh, who looks like butter wouldn’t melt, invented the allegations and coached her daughter to repeat the claims. And all in a bid to stop the father from getting custody.

Then this vile and vindictive, utterly self-centred mother proceeded, with the aid of a hired help who has now been jailed, to spread via the internet allegations about her ex, police handling the case and the “babysnatchers” in Doncaster Social Services.

People were taken in by her claims; angry onliners tore into the innocent social workers and flew to the defence of poor, victimised Ms Haigh, who said she’d fled to Ireland to give birth to her second child for fear it would be taken away from her.

Lies, lies, lies. Sir Nicholas Wall, the country’s most senior family judge, said this week. He announced Miss Haigh should be named and shamed and her former partner, David Tune, freed from the false smear that he is a child abuser.

Relief? Mr Tune must now be desperate to get firstly his daughter’s life back on track - and then his own. It will be nigh-on impossible; sadly, there are always some willing to ignore the truth and believe the conspiracy theory. And how do you get a child to forget what her mother did to her? She now knows far too much about the way adults can manipulate, lie and hurt.

What this woman did was unspeakably awful. She strove to part father and daughter forever, to poison her little girl’s mind and have her innocent ex jailed.

She could well have scarred two innocent people for life. SHE should be jailed – and her new baby should be taken from her. She’s not mentally fit to be a mother.