How can we improve our community?

Burngreave Ellesmere Rd opposite Ellesmere Green
Burngreave Ellesmere Rd opposite Ellesmere Green
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RESIDENTS and shopkeepers have given their suggestions on how more than £1 million of funding should be spent in a Sheffield area, after a major regeneration scheme was announced.

The cash will be spent by Sheffield Council on improving Spital Hill, Burngreave, with new street lighting promised, along with public art, litter bins and paving.

The council also says there is the chance of new housing being created in the area. Much of the money will be used to renovate Ellesmere Green, at the top of the hill.

Just more than £450,000 has been secured from a planning agreement linked to the nearby Tesco store which opened in October, while an additional £605,000 was provided by the Government’s Regional Growth Fund, supported by a housing bonus scheme.

Coun Harry Harpham, council cabinet member for homes and regeneration, said the announcement was ‘great news’.

He said: “Spital Hill and Burngreave are an important focus for housing regeneration and also an important gateway into the city centre that is in need of a major makeover.”

Elsiddieg Hamad, aged 46, has lived on Spital Hill for seven years. He said the area needed changing.

Mr Hamad, who is originally from Sudan, said: “There’s no activities here. The change we need is to have places for some activities.

“There’s a library but it’s not enough, it’s small. We need some places to get some entertainment. I don’t think it’s so necessary to have new street lighting. Art would be a good change, some art on the green like a statue or new flowers.”

Philip Biki, 50, who runs hat shop JB Hats and Things, said he had lived on the hill for 13 years and was in favour of new housing.

He said: “New houses make a lot of sense, people have big families. More and more Somali families are coming in and want to live in this area.”

However, his friend Salma Khatoon, 23, disagreed,

She said: “I don’t think we do need new houses. We have so little space, and most of the houses that are here, people live in them - you don’t see any empty houses. Street art will just get vandalised.”

Lorraine Wilcock, 52, a volunteer at the New Roots cafe, said Spital Hill ‘needs some regeneration’.

She said: “I like working on Spital Hill, it’s vibrant and different. It’s nice to be able to sample different cuisine.

“Of course there’s a downside, as there always is in life - there have been some shootings and I have seen drug dealing going on.

“There tends to be a lot of litter around, and some flowers to pretty up the area would be nice. They could maybe fund a couple of events too, multicultural events.”

Coun Harpham said local residents and businesses will be able to ‘have their say’ on the planned improvements, and official consultation events will be held at the end of May or early June.