How a new LED lamp post sparked a comedy of errors

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Towards the end of last year, I came home to find a hole had been dug in a grass verge, presumably for the newLED lamp posts that are been fitted around the city.

This hole was 18-inches closer to my gate post than the existing lamp post, which would have meant that when I parked my van over the front of my drive, the new position of my van would overhang my neighbour’s drive. Fortunately the council worker was still on the road and I explained my predicament. He said he would contact his boss and dig a new hole dug. A few days later I woke up to find a new lamp post dropped in the old hole. I found the worker and told him politely that I didn’t want the post there, he gave me a card and said ring this number. I went away to return an hour later to find him concreting the new post in! I asked for the worker’s name to report him to the council but he wouldn’t give it.

What followed was a comedy of errors. I rang the council and applied to have the lamp post moved. I was told it could take up to 30 days to hear something- I never heard anything. The rest of the lamp was assembled, the workers went through the gas main, cutting off mine and neighbouring houses.

I spoke to management at the council, they said we can’t move your lamp post because it has been assembled and the CEO believes that having a parking space taken away from the front of your house isn’t a good enough excuse.

The lamp could only be moved one metre any way (which would be fine for me) but the lamp post down the road has been moved five metres!

My feeling about Sheffield Council is that they just want you to go away as no one person is responsible.

I would be interested in other peoples experiences with them.


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